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From the Land of Cannan.....sounds pretty exotic doesn't it?


The Mill.....

What an interesting project to get in on the ground floor of.  We pioneered the introduction of this species into the United States back in 1994.  This species has been intended as a more economical substitute for Lauan/Meranti plywood without having some of the other "odor" problems that have plagued other South American woods.

Excellent VALUE....

It is truly difficult today to find an imported panel that lives up to its promise.  The Baromalli specie has a longer wood fiber than Lauan/Meranti and is denser.  Its appearance has a prominent cathedral grain pattern.  Certainly if placed next to another imported panel, Baromalli would never be mistaken for Lauan/Meranti or Virola or Agathis. 
This panel and its qualities make it a perfect panel for non-aesthetic applications and industrial applications.  The value of this material, coupled with some of the finest quality found in the United States among import panels, makes this product a contender with all other species.  We find that some buyers lack the imagination to see the value of the panel because they are too rigid in their thinking by buying "what we have always bought".  Certainly, that is any customer's choice.  However, the customer that actually takes the time to look at the panel and think about its varied applications and the PROFIT it represents to their company with its lower cost, really understands the concept of "value".
Which type of buyer are you?.........


You want a "certified" panel, well we got it!....

The Baromalli mill has practiced a commitment to sustainable forestry since the very start of the project.  I challenge anyone to find more documentation for any mill with regard to its forestry commitment.  These efforts have given the Baromalli species one of the earliest "certifications" found in the industry.  The Eco Stand stamp insures you that our commitment to quality products extends all the way back to the forests in South America.

Additionally......the Baromalli panel will soon receive a coveted recognition becoming an FSC certified panel.  This new certification will make the Baromalli even more sought after.  If you and your company are concerned about environmental responsibility, then this is the panel for you to be researching.....


The FSC trademark is a registered trademark of the Forest Stewardship Council

Call us at 530-589-4816 and we will start working immediately to start you out ordering CARB compliant inventory....

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