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In spite of the seemingly odd 5x5 format, Russian Birch has been a very high quality addition to the Imported Plywood market.  Many manufacturers are using this material because of its clarity and strength.  The Russian Birch uses more uniform plys in its construction than other imported panels and has excellent machining properties because of this.
The dense construction and quality of veneer have made this a favorite product of Cabinet Manufacturers throughout the country.  The material also has wonderful aesthetic qualities and sands, paints and stains very nicely.
There are a myriad of thicknesses, grades and therefore applications for this product.  Please call us and let us know how we can assist with your Russian Birch inventory needs.


We have a variety of sources in Russia from the highest quality to more of a commodity type of product like furniture frame material or packaging products.
It is our desire to set up partnerships with our customers whereby we can set up several months' worth of orders for continuity of production overseas and consistency of supply in having inventory on hand for your needs.  Please let us know what your desires are.  No doubt, we have a mill that we can match your panel needs with.

Port of Tacoma, WA
Russian Birch awaiting unloading in Tacoma, Washington

The construction and quality of this panel make it perfect for the most demanding machining


Please call or e-mail us with your Russian Birch inquiries.  Prices on this material are on the increase and we would suggest you protect your manufacturing needs by placing some material on order.  Click on the photo of the vessel to the left to view our market report for additional details.

Call us at 530-589-4816 and we will start working immediately to start you out ordering CARB compliant inventory....

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